During this time of the year, when the rest of the world is preparing for the cold months ahead, Hawaii still offers sunny days and warm weather. What a great place to take a vacation to even during the winter months?! This is all due to the year-round warm weather.

It comes as no surprise that this popular vacation destination, attracts more and more people to its wonderful islands. If you are planning to take the much-needed vacation in Hawaii, you might want to opt for a private tour, especially at this time.

Why Private Tours Are Better For Your Vacation in HawaiiHere are three reasons why you should book a private tour for your Vacation in Hawaii:

  • Professional and experienced guide: As anywhere in the world, in Hawaii too are special safety protocols in place. These protocols may be unfamiliar to you when taking a vacation in Hawaii, however our local businesses are fully aware of these changes and can ensure they are taken seriously. With a private tour you will have an expert guide who is very knowledgeable not only about the Hawaiian culture and the islands, but also those new protocols taking place. This means that you don’t need to worry about any of these annoying details and instead, you can focus fully on enjoying your much-needed vacation!
  • Private and safe tours: Since private tours are naturally intimate, but with new protocols in place – group tours are limited in number of participants or tourists. At this time, distancing between individuals is typically mandatory. Each itinerary will be scheduled properly and coordinated with the authorities to ensure these protocols are being followed. This allows you to enjoy an intimate vacation with your loved ones, without worrying about anything else.
  • Opportunities for unique experiences: Aside from the exceptional intimate feel to your trip, an experienced tour guide can ensure your day is filled with fun and adventures you would otherwise not experience on your own. With private tours, you will have an opportunity to go to unique places that most tourists don’t even know about and will never be able to visit!

There is no doubt that there are many positives when experiencing Hawaii with a private tour guide. So why not book an affordable tour around the island for you to genuinely enjoy the unique beauty of Hawaii?! Find out more at www.beachtourshawaii.com

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