Hawaii is all about nature, its energy and vivid colors, but also scenic views all around these beautiful islands. In line with that, there are a number of organic and sustainable places all over Hawaii.

Best Organic And Sustainable Places In Waikiki

If you are going specifically to Waikiki, here are some of the best places to visit offering organic and sustainable products and services:

  • Modern Honolulu (place to stay). This hotel’s overall management and amenities make enough to be one of the winners of the Hawaii Green Business Award. That alone is a reason enough for you to stay in this superb accommodation, but it is simply so much more than that.
  • Down to Earth Organic and Natural (place to shop and eat). For organic vegetarian burgers and burritos, this is a great place to try out. You can also shop for deli items and other organic products here.
  • Kokua Market Natural Foods (place to shop). An exclusive grocery shop for natural, local and organic products, they are very reputable for having reasonable prices on all of their products.
  • Whole Foods Market (place to shop and eat). Whole Foods Market has a wide range of natural and organic products at reasonable prices. They also offer dine-in options, and their salad bar is what makes them stand out from the rest of the other organic restaurants around.
  • Barefoot Cafe (place to eat). Our personal favourite! You can choose from vegan options as well as freshly caught fish or organic meat. Offering not only delicious food and refreshments – think pineapple smoothie in an actual pineapple – but also live music and ocean views!
  • The Sunrise Shack (place to eat). Their best sellers and customer’s favorites are the Blue Dream smoothie bowl and their Bullet Coffee. But what makes them stand out and earn a reputation of always having a long line of waiting customers is the Acai Bowl.
  • Kaimana Farm Cafe (place to eat). Check out their excellent sides that easily complement their main dishes. Exciting food full of flavor!

In the Waikiki area there are many choices to eat or shop if you are looking for establishments offering organic and sustainable products.

To know more about them, and if you need guidance on each of these establishments, or you’d like to visit more local places to eat and shop – you can head over to www.beachtourshawaii.com.

Best Organic and Sustainable Places in Waikiki

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