As we are still in the midst of adjusting to the changes and challenges that 2020 has brought to us, we are bound to take part in some additional safety and health protocols. This is especially important if you are to go on a vacation, to Hawaii for example and planning to go on a family private tour.

At this time, taking a vacation in this picturesque and beautiful place is possible, but how safe is it to embark on a private tour in Hawaii?

Let’s find out!

Safety Measures to Follow While on A Private Tour in Hawaii

  • Pre-testing requirements: Let’s face it, traveling and airports may seem scary because of the possibility of contracting the virus Although there is still the quarantine option In relation to that, an added pre-testing requirement prior to travel to Hawaii is mandated by the government. This is also a good way to ensure every visitor is safe and will have peace of mind to enjoy the Hawaiian vacation further.
  • Inter-island trip restrictions: Hawaii has six major islands to explore and enjoy: Kauai, Oahu, Molokai, Lanai, Maui, and the island of Hawaii. To get the full Hawaiian experience of this beautiful nation, the majority of our visitors enjoy the so-called ‘island hopping’. However, at this particular time, inter-island travel is highly discouraged. You can still do inter-island transfers though, but you have to subject yourself to a mandatory quarantine on each island transfer, which could take up some valuable vacationing time.
  • Wearing of Facemasks: Wearing a facemask has been requested to prevent the spread of the virus from one person to another. The Hawaiian government has mandated that all travelers (and even locals) are required to wear facemasks, specifically in public places. Wearing a face covering is also encouraged all times.

As we are all in this unpredictable health situation, non-essential travel is discouraged as of now. This is especially applicable for those that are more vulnerable to the virus or have cold-like symptoms. However, we understand and we feel you. We have all been patiently awaiting to take that much needed tropical vacation! If you are well and healthy, you have no reason not to take your Hawaiian vacation! All you need to do is follow the new safety protocols to protect yourself and others.

If there is still some confusion regardless of the new rules prior your planned Hawaiian vacation, feel free to contact us and hire a private tour guide to ensure you are all covered and can fully enjoy your vacation! Check out our private Hawaii tours at

Private Tour in Hawaii

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