When people ask us about our Surf Trips in Hawaii, their first question is: but I’m a beginner, can I surf the waves in Hawaii?

Well, there are  plenty waves in Hawaii for beginner surfer who wants to learn or improve their surfing. There are of course surf breaks not recommended to beginner surfers.

HERE are our picks:

1. White Plains – Barbers Point West side
Sand bottom and a long ride. Difficult to find it if you don’t know the island very well, but has plenty waves for everybody. There is not a big crowd and a lot of local surfers.

2. Queens and Canoes – South Shore
In the heart of Waikiki those two beautiful point breaks are the place where Duke Kahanamoku hang out with his friends and family in the 50’s. The waves are very mellow and are considered the best waves for learning how to surf in Hawaii. The only problem is, you need to be careful and aware of the crowd as the waves are super hyper popular.

Queens and Canoes – South Shore

3. Populars (Pops) – South Shore:
Also close to Waikiki beach, with the difference that to surf this wave you’d need to paddle very far out and most of the people don’t like that. This is a YAY for you if you’re a good paddler. This might be the wave with the longest ride in the South Shore, don’t get surprise to see a Honu (turtles) when waiting in the lineup.

4. Pua’ena Point – North Shore:
Close to Hale’iwa town this reef bottom break has all the types of waves for all the types of surfers. In the front, you will find the majority of the surf schools with the beginner crowd and in the very back you can find the more experienced surfers grabbing good waves and having a lot of fun. This is definitely a great spot to surf!

5. Diamond Head beach – South Shore:
Probably the most popular beach break in the South Shore. The reason is because it is very sensitive to the South swell meaning it always has some waves. Don’t get surprise to see Carissa Moore surfing around here.

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