As we are gearing up towards the end of this year’s unexpected situation and are all slowly getting back to our normal lives. We are now able to somehow unwind and take the much-needed (and well deserved) vacation. Am I right?!

With Hawaii reopening its door and welcoming tourism once again, and with the current situation in consideration, there are some important key points to keep in mind. 

What to expect now, when going on a private tour in Hawaii?

 Here is what you need to know when heading to Hawaii and going on a private tour around the island:

  • Bypass quarantine: You need to get tested prior to your arrival to Hawaii. There is a strict requirement for all travelers and visitors, having to serve quarantine time. While this looks like a hassle and not the ideal start of your dream vacation, the Hawaiian authorities have provided another option. You’d need to secure a negative COVID-19 test result 72 hours before arriving in Hawaii.
  • Face-masks are mandatory. As a precaution and to ensure the safety and health protocols are in place, wearing a facemask is mandatory when entering a place of business within Hawaii. This may vary depending on a business, so make sure to check out the specific destination that you will be visiting.
  • Inter-island travel is allowed but with restrictions. Let’s face it, island hopping is one of the best things about Hawaii. However, during this time, you will have to cross that out on your itinerary as there is a mandatory quarantine period when you do any inter-island travel.
  • Large scale festivals will not be allowed for the time being. While Hawaii is best known for always creating a festive mood atmosphere, the ambiance would be more intimate this time around. Heads up though! You can still enjoy the stunning Hawaiian beaches and the picturesque nature like never before – with less tourists around.

Nowadays, preparation is the key. It may seem a little complicated and would require some extra preparation, but we can assure you, it is totally worth the effort! Not only do you care for your own safety and health while you are on your vacation in Hawaii, but you also get to enjoy the benefits of more private experience of otherwise crowded popular sightseeing spots.

To secure a hustle free and pleasant experience of Hawaii as we know it today, you might want to hire a Professional Tour Guide with years of experience and knowledge, and who’s heart understands and values the Hawaiian ‘aina (land) and culture.

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