A delicious dessert is a wonderful way to cap off a great meal. For many of us, dessert is the best part of the meal. It’s like a reward that we anticipate. Did you know that eating desserts can lift your mood and fuel your body? Might as well grab that dessert that you’ve been craving for and make life more enjoyable. Check out these mouthwatering desserts when you visit Hawaii. 

Must-try desserts in Hawaii


Malasadas - Best Onolicious Desserts in Hawaii

If you’re a donut lover then you’re in for a treat. Malasadas are Portuguese doughnuts without a hole and Leonard’s Bakery has perfected these delectable confections. This famous bakery found in Honolulu and Waikiki has been making malasadas since 1953. They create a special dough using the finest ingredients and shape them into balls. They are fried until they turn golden brown on the outside. When you bite into a malasada, it’s light and fluffy on the inside. You can also buy these tasty and fluffy desserts from Penny’s Maladas food truck at Hauula. They use island fresh ingredients to make their gourmet fillings and they prepare fresh dough daily. Sign up for our Oahu Sightseeing and Food Tour, and we’ll grab some hot malasadas for you to enjoy. It’s “ono”, delicious as we say in Hawaii.

Haupia Cake

Haupia is a Hawaiian sweet coconut cake that is traditionally made of coconut milk and pia (arrowroot starch). The bite-size square cake is made of three main components: white or yellow cake (usually a vanilla sponge cake), filling (coconut, custard, or haupia pastry cream), and frosting (whipped cream topped with coconut flakes). Haupia cakes are available in restaurants, local bakeries, and supermarkets. You can buy good haupia cakes at Foodland (Hawaii’s largest locally owned and operated grocery retailer). Get some to go and enjoy the incredible scenery while eating it.

Shave Ice

Shave Ice

Shave ice is a popular dessert in Oahu. It is often served in a disposable deep plate or cup and comes with a disposable spoon so you can savor it while sightseeing. The pillowy ice is topped with different colors of natural fruit syrup such as yellow, red, green, and blue. This colorful treat will surely bring out the child in you. Matsumoto’s Shave Ice, for instance, comes in so many flavors like cherry, watermelon, banana, lemon, guava, lychee, and other fruit flavors. They also serve other interesting mixes like root beer, pina colada, fruit punch, coconut cream, and more. If you want some twist to your shave ice, you have the option to add vanilla ice cream and/or azuki beans. They even have sugar-free shave ice for those who prefer to cut back on sugar. Here’s a fun trivia: If you’ve seen the 2004 Hollywood movie, “50 First Dates’, there’s a scene where Henry Roth (played by Adam Sandler) is wearing a Matsumoto Shave Ice t-shirt. 

Island Vintage Shave Ice in Waikiki serves special shave ice topped with bobba pearls, mochi, and berries. Their signature shave ice creation is called Hawaiian Rainbow which features all-natural fruit purees with natural colorings. 

Shave Ice is not just a feast for the eyes, but it’s also a refreshing dessert especially on a sunny day. You’ll encounter several shave ice stands in popular sites during our Oahu tour so you can enjoy it more than once.

Hawaiian Banana Bread

Your trip to Oahu is not complete if you don’t try the famous Hawaiian Banana Bread. This mouthwatering bread is baked fresh and will satisfy any sweet tooth. Made with local bananas, this delicious dessert will give you the energy you need for your island tour. You can buy Hawaiian Banana Bread at the Farmer’s Market at Kahuku.

Pineapple Whip

The world-famous pineapple Dole Whip® at the Dole Plantation is the perfect cool-down treat, especially during summer. It’s a sweet, creamy, and tangy dessert that usually comes in a cone or cup. Your visit at the Dole Plantation will not be complete without trying this soft-serve, non-dairy pineapple ice cream.

Always save room for dessert

Ready for an onolicious dessert adventure? Join our private tours Oahu and we’ll show you the best places on the island where you can satisfy your sweet cravings.

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