Whenever we think about Oahu in Hawaii, the first things that come into our mind are crystal clear seas and verdant tropical rain forests. But we should not forget that it is also home to some stunning waterfalls and cascades. In fact, waterfalls in Oahu nestled among the pristine greenery form stunning picturesque and are among the best attractions on the island.


The hiking trail towards the waterfalls range from perambulates to audacious treks but they are surely worth taking simply for their scenic beauties.


Let’s take a look at our best compilation of 10 such mesmerizing cascading waterfalls in Oahu!!


Maunawili Falls


For those adventure lovers who are looking for an adrenaline rush, Maunawili falls is a top destination. Situated in Kailua, it is 20 feet in height and looks breath-taking from every angle.


However, the way towards it is muddy, and if you are planning to include it in your hike Oahu itinerary, makes sure you are prepared for the trail. The trail would take 2-3 hours to cover and is full of scenic vistas.


Manoa Falls


If you are looking for a brief hiking adventure, then Manoa falls must be included in your itinerary. It looks gorgeous when it cascades 150 feet beneath the foothill. While you hike, you can explore a crystalline stream and species of trees.


Kapena Falls


Kapena Falls offers one of the coolest hiking experiences to the adventure enthusiasts and globe trotters. As you hike to get closer to it, you will find vines, lush green giant leaves and boulders on your way. It will give you the feel of traversing a dense jungle, far away from human civilization. 


There is also a pool under the fall which is just perfect to jump into and get cooled. Don’t forget to view the Petroglyphs inside a small cave.


Laie Falls


Laie Falls is a small cascade that is only 15ft tall. But don’t go by its elevation, it is one of the picturesque waterfalls in Oahu. To explore it, need to cover a long 6 miles on foot. The trail hike Oahu is peaceful and, on the way, you get the opportunity to observe terrains, pine trees, strawberry guava trees, and exquisite marine vistas.


Waipuhia Falls


Waipuhia falls, also known as ‘Upside-down falls,’ is a popular tourist attraction for those visiting Oahu. The one of the popular waterfalls in Oahu was once an entertainment theme park that was later transformed. On your hiking trail, you can perambulate through verdant botanical gardens and other gorgeous scenic beauties. 


The uniqueness of it is that the water blows with a huge pressure gives an illusion that it is flowing upwards. This unique phenomenon can be attributed to the strong winds that blow in the region. 


Lulumahu Falls


Lulumahu falls is a spectacular and tiered cascade featuring a pool at the bottom where you can take a plunge. A two-mile trail of half an hour on a flat track will take you there. On the hiking trail, you will find a giant water tower jumping spot that is ideal for experienced divers. 


Likeke Falls


Likeke Falls is a two-tier cascade that is also popularly known as Old Pali Highway Falls. For hiking to it, you will find two routes. The first route is lengthy whereas the second one is less time-consuming and it will take only 15 minutes to reach.


The first hiking trail is the Old Pali Highway starting from Pali lookout and takes an hour and a half to complete. The second way begins at the bottom of the Ko’olau Golf Club and hiking it will take only 15 minutes to get you there. 


Waimea Falls 


Waimea Falls located on Waimea valley is 45-feet high in elevation. The valley comprises of luxuriant botanical gardens and historic locales. At the bottom of the cascade, there is a swimming pool where you can unwind and chill out. 


Another attraction is the Waimea Bay Beach Park which is situated just across the road to Waimea falls. From surfing to snorkelling, swimming, and rock jumping you can try all sorts of adventurous activities here.


Kalihi Ice Ponds 


Kalihi Ice Ponds is a frozen cold waterfall that is located at an elevation of 400 ft. The hiking trail although short can be physically challenging because of the uphill climb.


Sacred Falls


Last but not least, comes the Sacred falls. To explore and unravel its mysteries, you have to undertake a hiking stint of walking through a narrow gorge that is extremely challenging and physically demanding.


There can be rocks thrown in by the unstable cliffs that make hiking hazardous. Risks are compounded by strong winds blowing over the region causing rocks and boulders to fall down.


Are there any particular waterfalls that you think I missed out on the list? Feel free to share your comments in the box given below and I will check it out soon.


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