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About the tour

Cruise around the island visiting stunning beaches, tasting the most delicious local food, and checking out the best lookouts of the island. Imagine your day filled with scenes of breathtaking nature, crystal clear waters and proud Hawaiian mountains. Do not be surprised if a double rainbow shows up to make your day even better!

Seeing turtles is not guaranteed, however, 85% of the time you will be able to see them, as well as see Hawaiian monk seals.



Start: from 7:30 to 9:00 am

Bring: reef safe sunscreen, reusable water bottle, beach towel, bathing suit, sun hat, sunglasses AND good vibes!


  • 7 Hr Tour from $525
    for up to 3 people, additional guest $175

*Private tours for groups of up to 11, 14 or 24 are also available


1.Diamond Head Look out
2.Malasada Leaonard food truck (Hawaiian doughnut)
3.Hana’uma Bay
4.Halona Blowhole
5.Waimanalo Town

6.Valley of the Temple
7.Ko’ola Mountain range
(Jurassic park mountains)
8.Macadamia Nut Farm
9.Chinama’s Hat
10.Famous Shrimp Farm Lunch
(other options available)

11.Tropical Fruit Market
(Hawaiian Banana Bread)
12.Sunset Beach & Banzai Pipeline
13.Hawaiian Green Sea Turtles spotting
14.Haleiwa Historic Town
15.Dole Plantation

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