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How to Turn a Longboard Surfboard

Surfing is a sport that demands both mental and physical stability. Though the sport requires only a surfboard as its equipment, however there are several variations of it. You need to choose your board based on your expertise. Longboard surfboard is a better option for the beginners as they are more stable. They can be […]

5 Exercises to Prepare for Surfing

Surfing is not only enjoyable but also a physically demanding sport. Paddling, balancing, catching a wave and aerial moves need physical strength. Proper surf training lets the surfers perform better while catching waves. It makes the surf sessions more enjoyable. Quality training helps in minimizing the chances of injuries. Surf camps in Hawaii arrange training […]

5 Longboard Surfing Tips for Beginners

Longboard surfing is the first step to learn surfing like a pro. Every longboard surfer has millions of questions before taking the plunge. When practiced properly, every beginner can be a pro in longboard surfing. These longboard surfing tips will make you an expert in no time. Surf camps in Hawaii prepare surfers by providing […]

How to Pop-Up on a Surfboard (Step by Step)

Surfing needs a strong body and mind. Your inner strength and power can help you in your pursuit of becoming a professional surfer. However, if you are a beginner, then even a pop-up may appear to be too difficult. To successfully accomplish the pop-up, you need a step by step guide. You can practice pop-up […]

Top 5 Surfing Exercises for Beginners

Surfing! The name itself is enough to make us leave our jobs and travel to an unknown world of blue waves. You’ll surely love to indulge in the laid-back and carefree sport at any time of the day. But you need to strengthen your mind and body for it. Surfing demands hard work. A professional […]

Top 3 Amazing Hawaiian Surf Legends That Rock The Waves

Hawaii is a beautiful state of the USA that is known for its golden beaches and the mighty sea. However, Hawaii is also popular for its national sport, Surfing and there have been some real Hawaiian Surf Legends that made history in this sport. Every year the surfing world cup, World Surf League is held […]

Surfing Tips and Tricks for Beginners

Are you ready to perform surfing tricks on your surf board? Let’s talk about some of the moves that can help you in your journey of becoming a surfing legend. Surfing is an adrenaline-rush-inducing sport. Tricks are an important part of surfing. They make the sport visually pleasing. When a surfer performs new tricks, the […]

8 Different Types of Surfing Boards

Do you enjoy surfing, a game that speeds up the adrenaline rush? Surfing is impossible to enjoy without the surf boards and with time surf boards have evolved to fit in the surfers’ need of winning over different waves. Surfers choose surf boards based on their techniques and styles. The dimensions (length, width, depth) of […]