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10 Hawaiian Cuisines To Try While Surf Camp Hawaii

When we visit the tropical paradise of Hawaii islands, the foremost things that come to our mind are beaches, waterfalls, surfing, adventurous water sports and all that. No doubt, these kinds of stuff are great, but besides the white bubbles of the sea, sandy beaches, and surfing camps, the islands of Hawaii are also about local culinary delicacies. The authentic and traditional foods of the tropical paradise are fusion and sourced from the Pacific Polynesian islands. They are nutritious and delectable. Here are 10 Hawaiian cuisines you should try during your visit and surely going to love.

  1. Loco Moco


Loco Moco is a popular local dish that truly captures the essence of Latin flavor. In this recipe, rice is topped with a hamburger patty, fried egg, and gravy. It is a wholesome meal that tickles the palate of every food lover and brings out the gluttony best in him or her. In a Surf Camp, this dish has become an integral part.

  1.  Acai Bowl

Acai Bowl

It is a classical dish with the goodness of acai berry, fruits, granola, honey, and other delicious ingredients. The food is extremely popular among the locals due to its high nutrition value and is enriched with fiber and antioxidants.

  1. Lomi Salmon

Lomi Salmon

Hawaii people love seafood and fishes form the main part of their sustenance. Lomi Salmon is a popular dish and delightful recipe for food lovers. It can be prepared by blending raw, salted, and diced Salmon with tomato, chili pepper flakes, and onions. However, you will be surprised to know that it tastes best when served chilled or frozen.

  1. Squid Luau

hawaiian squid luau

Regarded by many as the tastiest dish of Hawaiian cuisine, Squid Luau is prepared only to be savored. The procedure of cooking this thick and creamy dish is easy as you have to slow cook the luau leaves and add the squid. Then put coconut milk, salt and sugar.

  1. Huli Huli Chicken

Huli Huli Chicken

If you love smoky and grilled chicken, then your quest will end with Huli Huli chicken. It is a Hawaiian staple side dish that is prepared by barbecuing a chicken over mesquite wood and pouring sweet huli huli sauce, brown sugar, ginger and soy sauce. The best thing about it is that it is easy and quick to make. The smoky and grilled flavor of the recipe makes it ideal to be served on Hawaiian adventures.

  1. Kalua Pork

kalua Pork

This authentic local Hawaiian dish is the right choice to fill your plate with. It is popular dish for large feasts and banquets where the smoky, juicy, and tender pork simply melts into the mouth of food connoisseurs. It requires banana leaves and an underground steam oven to cook it.

  1. Saimin


Saimin is a must-try dish because of its rich tradition. It was introduced way back during Hawaii’s plantation but even today it finds a place in the menu of big restaurants and bistros. The chief ingredients include soft wheat egg noodles, green onions, hot dashi sauce and others.

  1.  Plate Lunch

Plate Lunch

If health is your main priority or you are a fitness freak, then plate lunch is just ideal. It is a typical meal comprising of a bit of everything such as white rice, macaroni salad, and meat. The good news is that you can pick the meat of your choices such as mahi mahi, fried chicken, and teriyaki beef, so savor it.

  1. Shave Ice

Shave Ice

Made with either of ice cream, mochi balls, azuki beans or condensed milk, it is a popular dessert with loads of goodies. It is garnished with syrup such as blue raspberry, orange coconut, li hing mui, lilikoi that lends it a tropical flavor and taste to it. The popularity of the dish is evident from the fact that it is served in summer parties and get-togethers.

  1. Poke

Poke Bowl

At last but not least, comes poke. It is a popular beach meal that has many varieties with ahi poke being the most in demand. The culinary staple is prepared with yellowfin tuna. Other ingredients to make it include shoyu, sesame oil, Hawaiian salt, and green onions. You can also use octopus to make it. The dish is healthy and ideal for lunchtime.

Any trip, expedition, holiday or excursion is complete without good food. Try the above Hawaiian Cuisines and live life to the fullest.

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